Top five celebrity dogs

Are there any greater films then a film starring a dog! I personally love a dog film and here are my top five celebrity dogs.


This great 1992 film centred on the massive St Bernard, Beethoven, is a must see for all dog lovers. The film tells the story of his welcome into a family home and his fight against a local vet who wants him dead. Plenty of aaah moments mixed with some action this film shows the massive dog off to the world. If anyone at home also has a massive breed of dog then make sure you are feeding them the right food to ensure they look and are healthy. >Royal Canin Maxi Adult, Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ and Royal Canin Maxi Adult Body Condition are good foods that are perfect for a larger breed of dog.

Turner and Hooch
Another old classic this time from 1989 sees another large breed dog take centre stage. Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux dog and in this film he is not only showing off his size but also his skills as he helps Detective Turner find the man who killed his owner.

Marley and Me
A far more recent film featuring two attractive actors – Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston yet the most loved character is Marley the Labrador retriever. Brought by the couple as a puppy the film charts his various misdemeanours and his growth from naughty puppy to centre of a loving house. This film perfectly shows how important a part of a family an animal can become.

Legally Blonde
Bruiser the Chihuahua might not be a central character in this film but he is the central characters sidekick and he appears in most scenes as a lovely handbag dog. This is possibly where the handbag dog Chihuahua craze took off and is still going strong many years later. Bruiser even features on the front cover of the film dressed in an outfit to match his owner.

Hachi: A Dogs tale
A 2009 Richard Gere hit featuring Hachi the Akita Inu. This moving film is based on a true life story and is a real tearjerker but worth the tears to see the film about love between a dog and his owner.