Pick The Perfect Dog For You

There are over 100 dog breeds in the world, and they serve all manner of purposes. Some of them are pets, some are guard dogs, and others help in hunting… the purposes are endless. You must ask yourself what you want a dog. This will help you make a choice. You must prepare where the dog will be taken care of, including sleeping area, food, vet services etc.

You may decide to have a small dog. It is important to note that small dogs are fragile and vulnerable. Therefore it may not be a good idea to have them sleep outside. They are usually kept as dogs. They include breeds such as Japanese spits and Chihuahua. Bigger dogs such as cocker spaniels also make good pets.

For protection, it is wiser to pick a big dog. This is simply big dogs, even though not necessarily fierce, they are intimidating, daunting and scary for most people. Therefore a thief, on seeing a big dog in a compound, might stay away for fear of being attacked by it. Dogs usually kept for security are German shepherds. Dobermans have been kept as guard dogs as well because of their spectacular speed and alertness.

Some people put dogs to work, for example as sniffer dogs that are commonly used by the police, guide dogs which help blind people get around, for hunting, to work livestock to pull sleds etc. These are dogs that require strict training. They include breeds such as cocker spaniel, golden retriever, Labrador retriever, Border collie, Shetland sheepdog etc.

You also have to consider the age of the dog. Puppies take a lot of time and energy to train. On the other hand, when you buy adult dogs, they are usually already trained.