Training your puppy for its first bath

It has been nearly a month now since we bought a new puppy. It is now time to give the puppy its first bath. It is not going to be an easy task bathing your puppy for the first time, especially if you have had no prior experience. I have owned puppies before and have tried different methods to bathe a puppy. After all the experience, the best method to bathe a puppy that I have devised is the "playtime zone". The "playtime zone" is nothing but an area where the puppy gets familiarized with the bathing process. I am going to briefly outline the steps that I take to achieve this.

My Dog Hates to Travel

Not everybody enjoys the thrill of a ride in the car to some far off place for a day of exploration and fun. Dogs are no different and can experience travel sickness in much the same manner. Unfortunately, a dog with travel sickness is a bit of a problem, especially if you need to travel with your dog quite a lot. Nobody wants to clean up doggie vomit or urine after every trip in the family car.


Over time, we have tested with the dogs of our breeding many different types of food. It gives us six selection criteria. Maybe you can help them with the purchase. Please note, however, that every race and every dog to react differently. It is therefore our experiences that do not apply to any other dog must.


Almost everyone loves your puppy dog - up to the point it pees on them. Pups are generally entertaining, so sweet, and like naughty young children, ideal when taught to behave! They bite and munch everything, from precious home furniture to your friends' toes and also very best boots and shoes, and maybe most painful, urinate all over the place! Therefore, housebreaking will be the very first issue it is best to target after you bring home your new puppy dog. Confirmed Puppy Dog Potty Training Early Ways:

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