Old Dog, New Tricks

It is a very sad day when you notice your dog is five steps behind you on your favourite walk rather than five in front of you.

Nature has to take its course and nothing lives forever, but that does not mean it is any less heart breaking to see your beloved pet change for the worse and begin to give up on life.

Many people believe that when it gets to this stage your pet should be left to nature, but when you have a chance to introduce a little bit more life into your lethargic and depressed canine, why not seize it?

The American Foxhound

This is one of the oldest breed of dogs that you can find. The dog is native to Maryland and Virginia States of the US where it has been kept by homeowners since the 1650s. It is not a natural dog but rather a crossbreed between the French hound and American hounds. It is from the crossbreeding between these two breeds that gave rise to the American foxhound, whose duty was to hunt down foxes. There are several varieties of this breed of dog including the Goodman, July and Walker dogs.

The Greyhound

Thought to have originated in Egypt, the Greyhound is sighthound dog that was kept as a hunting dog due to its superior eyesight. It was later used as a racing dog in the countries it was exported to.

The fact that it features very powerful legs with a deep chest and a flexible spine made it a very effective hunting dog, especially on flat terrain. It has a very high speed and can easily attain a speed of 18 meters per second, which translates to 39 mph. Its speed over short distances can only be compared to that of a cheetah.

Buying pet food online

Purchasing the right dog food is very crucial because they need the right nutrients in order to keep up their active life. The right dog food for the size of your dog is very important also.

Health Problems in Golden Retrievers

Most animals will face common health issues at some point in their lives. No single animal is exempted from this. That said, golden retrievers to our susceptible to diseases and illnesses. It is Necessary to take your pet for regular checkups so that it can be cleared of any life threatening diseases.