Labrador Puppy For Sale

You saw the advertisement. "Labrador Puppy For Sale". The photo of that little pup melts your heart (no wonder so many American and English homes have a Labrador) and your first impulse is to rush out right away to buy her.

But hold on! Here's what to do first.

Learn About Labrador Puppies

Labradors are clever, friendly, easy to train pets who love to learn tricks. They are rarely aggressive, don't create problems like barking excessively, and display playful agility.

Labrador retrievers were used as English hunting dogs because of their energy and instinct to chase hounds. They could be easily taught how to lead the hunt, or not get excited when a gun fires.

Which Puppy To Pick?

In a litter, it isn't always the most friendly or active puppy that's your best choice. A more reliable guide can be to look for the calmer, gentler pup that cautiously approaches you. Remember, an overly aggressive little dog usually grows up into a big aggressive one - and that may well become a problem.

So, Are Shy Puppies Best?

Not at all. You should not pick the most reclusive, shy ones either. They often grow into scared dogs that are quick to start barking or biting whenever something makes them nervous.

Instead, when you see a Labrador puppy for sale, pick the one with traits that are 'in the middle'. Your ideal pet is friendly without being aggressive, cautiously curious without being overwhelming. If the puppy you chose appears to like you, wags his tail, and enjoys being handled, you may have found your precious friend.

What Color? Black, Silver, Or Yellow?

It really doesn't matter. Labradors are all similar in behavior and you want a clicker, not a barker or biter. Teaching your new puppy tricks, showing him how to join you on a walk, ensuring he obeys your commands and hand signals, and enjoying the process of training will make that decision to act on that note about a Labrador puppy for sale one of your best decisions!